Hotel room internet connection

Started by dudlee, April 03, 2011, 12:57:04 PM

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Can you connect the Obi110 to the ethernet port in your hotel room that a lot of hotels offer, either domestic or international, or do you still need a router to make the connection?  Along with that, can you connect the Obi110 to the internet cable coming into your house with the connection from the modem, or must you first run it through a router?


It just needs to be connected to the internet. Doesn't have to be a router. You can plug it directly into the modem or the hotel connection. I don't know how hotel connections are for firewall or whatever but I would assume there would not be a problem anyways.


What about a Hotel with only a wireless connection.

Can the OBi be connected to a laptop that has a wireless connection to the hotel router?   


you will need a router in bridge mode to plug the Obi into. Basically you have to receive the wireless signal and turn it back into wired access.

Someone else will have to advise you on what to use for that.

You can use the Obion app for pc to call your Obi at home.


if you don't want to pay hotel wifi fee this should work too.


wifi tethering on a 4g cell phone connected to a 4g network
gaming adapter that can connect to a wireless ad hoc network

so with the 4g phone you create a wireless ad hoc hotspot that the adapter can connect to. next connect obi to the adapter. quality "should" be the same as obion.