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voicemail is saying "unknown caller"

Started by uday610, March 07, 2013, 11:37:06 PM

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I am trying to access voicemail from the phone (which is attached to OBI) ... For that I picked up the handset and dialing my google voice number itself, it is telling "you have new message, first new message from unknown caller, ..... " ...

Why it is telling it is from unknown caller... From internet I have attached the number with a name... So voicemessage should say, "you have new message from XYZ", or even "you have new message from the number 123-456-7890"...  But instead of that, it is saying unknown number, how to change this configuration?

Thank you


I see that behavior, but only when a voicemail is left when I am on another call on the google voice line.  It happen again yesterday. Obviously you have to have Call Waiting disabled or be in Do Not Disturb mode.

When a GV voicemail is left but am not on a live call, GV correctly says "Call from {whoever}".

I'm not quite sure if this is on purpose/by design or is a bug in how GV handles VMs which come in as a second Call Waiting type of call.


Thanks for your reply. But in my cases, I am not in another call with GV... So I am always getting GV says "Call from unknown"... When I see the voicemail in it correctly shows voicemail from "XYZ" because I stored that number with a name... But when I tried to listen it from handset this issue come.

Thank you for help.


I have exactly the same problem.

google voice mail says "call from unknown caller" and doesn't give name/number of the caller
just time of the call.

When I look at the same voicemail at it shows name and number of the
caller. (the caller is in my contact list).