Handle Anonymous Call Blocking differently

Started by nekote, April 13, 2013, 10:30:51 AM

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It caused me some scary grief, until discovered.

Anonymous Call Blocking currently responds to an incoming call with a busy signal.
Without ringing the users idle phone.
Which, with GV means that it appears to the user the call never rang and went straight to GV VM.
Without warning the caller their call is being blocked / rejected.
And further hiding the issue by the call being answered by GV VM

Most disconcerting and seemingly random.

The classic Verizon ACB that I'm familiar with had a recording something like 'This subscriber does not accept calls from unknown callers' and then hangs up on them - no trip to VM.

(After all, why would it make sense for a system to record messages from a rejected caller?)

With all of the incredible sophistication and abilities of the Obi100 and others, it looks there are some more involved ways to accomplish this with AA (AutoAttendant), assuming the no CID flag is somehow testable.

I would prefer something streamlined along the lines of:
1) Standard recorded response on the lines of the Verizon type message.  For uniformity with Verizon, if nothing else.
2) Customized recording by user would enable caller to confirm user's voice.
3) Fast busy as a poor way to indicate a problem?
4) Current default for compatibility with current ObiHai standard

TYVMIA for reading through this.
This was scary to me and I would like to help to others avoid encountering the same fate.