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Recipe for pstn local and GV long distance

Started by jfath, April 04, 2011, 03:14:10 PM

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Got my Obihai 110 this weekend and wanted to configure it to use pstn for local calls and Google Voice for long distance.  I found lots of good tutorials for setting up GV, but was surprised by the lack of a step-by-step for routing only long distance through GV.  Maybe most people are dumping their land lines entirely?

After spending a few hours reading the forum and docs, I had a working config.  I thought my notes might be helpful to someone else.  Feel free to tell me if there are better ways to accomplish this.

1) Configure sp1 and/or sp2 using the wizard or available tutorials.  Make sure you can call out using **1 and/or **2
2) Set 'Physical Interfaces->PHONE Port->PrimaryLine' to PSTN line
3) In 'Settings->User Defined Digit Maps' add a new user digit map called ld2tg4 that looks like this: (<**4>1xxxxxxxxxx|<**4>011xx.)
4) In 'Physical Interfaces->LINE Port->DigitMap' add |(Mld2tg4)
5) In 'Voice Services->Gateways and Trunk Groups' add trunk group 4 named sp1_sp2_li defined as sp1,sp2,li with DigitMap (1xxxxxxxxxx|<1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|011xx.|xx.|(Mipd)|[^*]@@.)
4) In 'Physical Interfaces->PHONE Port->OutboundCallRoute' add |{(<**4:>(Mtg4)):tg4}

This adds **4 to the front of any dialed 1+10 digit number or 011+number and defines **4 as the trunk group 4 prefix which will search sp1, sp2, and line for an available trunk.  You can leave off sp2 and/or li as needed for your configuration.

I think you could add the Mld2tg4 digit map to sp1, sp2, and li so no changes would need to be made if you change PrimaryLine but I didn't test that.

I just copied the default digit map from sp1 as the tg4 digit map.  I think you could use the (Msp1) digit map reference, but I copied it in case I wanted to change one of them later and not affect the other.

There are definitely easier ways to accomplish this task, but I like the modularity of user defined digit maps and the configurability of trunk groups.