Google Voice recorded call?

Started by Johnny, April 04, 2011, 07:06:47 PM

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Hello again,

I just received a call from my wife and after talking for about 5 minutes, a voice comes on and says your call is now being recorded.

We ended our conversation and I checked my GV account and indeed a few seconds of our conversation was recorded.

I looked around in my GV account and couldn't find any place to allow GV to record a conversation after so many minutes into a call.

Anybody have any idea why after 5 minutes into a call, that GV would start recording it?



Thanks RonR,

It would seem that you have to press 4 to start a recording while in a conversation.

I am almost sure I didn't do that.  Can't speak for the wifey though.

I will try to test it again later.

Thanks for the link.


Human speech can occasionally trigger 'DTMF Falsing'.  Fortunately, it doesn't occur often, but it does happen.  Some think it's more likely with female voices.


many google voice users have been complaining about this embarrassing problem.  it's embarrassing especially for business calls made to the google number, then the automated voice tells the parties that the call is being recorded even if no one pressed 4.  he calling party might be paranoid and think that the party he called intentionally started to record the conversation.

here's one thread:

there's more related discussion on the right of the thread page above.

unfortunately, it seems a problem that google is ignoring or doesn't know how to solve.
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Thanks for the link explaining this problem.

Wow!  This could be a deal breaker for me.

I've never really used GV extensively until I purchased the Obi 110, and if this keeps up, I will find another alternative other than GV.

I would be willing to pay in order to not have that call recording message come up during a conversation.

Too much explaining to do, to the other party on the line.

Hopefully they will find a fix, but since this problem has existed for quite some time, it doesn't look promising.

Thanks again.