Will Obi302 improve Analog Phone quality vs Obi110?

Started by Ideasmiths, April 29, 2013, 05:19:31 AM

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Update: Please ignore this question, I assumed the new Obi302 had line ports like the Obi110....and it turns out it doesn't, so my question is invalid.

thanks in advance for any help

Currently I have 2xObi110 setup with the sole purpose of using Microsoft Outlook to dial a number and make calls using the analog service. My setup is with the laptop and the obi110 connected to the Office LAN and configured using Obitalk.

The quality sometimes is bad as I am guessing the conversation gets routed to the office router, compete with other web/youtube/P2P data then bounce around till it reach the Obi110 then out the analog service (and vice versa with the incoming data).

If I get an Obi302 and set it up as a router or switch And connect my laptop to the obi302 Lan port directly, wouldn't my VOIP data be theoretically better as it goes directly to the OBi302 then out the analogy service?

Thanks in advance for anyone who is network savvy and can give a pointer or two.


I cannot answer your question directly as far as the call quality is concerned, but you should be aware that the OBi302 is not Google Voice compatible and was "designed" for VOIP Providers who want to setup the OBi as a crippled SIP ATA for their customers.  Why not the OBi202 instead of the OBi302?  I know the OBi302 is cheaper than the OBi202, so my comments were just an FYI.


The OBi302 is just an OBi202 without GoogleVoice capability designed to sell to voip providers for resale to their customers.  Like the OBi202 it doesn't have the capability to attach to a PSTN line like your OBi110's do.


Lol, I haven't looked at the specifications carefully enough, I assumed the Obi202 and Obi302 has a line port like the Obi110. Then scratched that idea of mine.

Thank you for the info guys..


I understand you will be sticking with the OBi110.
Regarding "The quality sometimes is bad ", is that both ways? Does the audio sound as if there are tiny snippets missing, or does it sound raspy at times?