XML bug in call history - & character from Caller ID Name field not escaped

Started by rob613, May 06, 2013, 04:06:53 PM

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My colleague Tom kindly provided me with an XML parser for the callhistory.xml file that my Obi110 generates.

I use this local URL within my LAN to get the data

A few recent calls have & in the Caller ID Name field which came through the PSTN port and this fails to run through the parser.   I'm told that this is not valid XML, and that valid XML would substitute & in place of the &.

Running sed to fix it in this way gives me a workaround but perhaps there are other XML bugs lurking that should be addressed?

Anyone interested in using their obi in this way may contact me.
We're using http://xmlsoft.org/XSLT/xsltproc.html such as the xsltproc package for ubuntu.

One goal was to be able to produce something like the Obi's callhistory.htm output but for all the calls in history, not just by a chunk at a time.   Another goal was to be able to produce a record with just 1 line per call.


Obihai - any information about this problem of generating improper XML?