Setting Date/Time in the OBI110

Started by muerte, April 05, 2011, 06:28:55 PM

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I have this thing working with the newest firmware.
One thing I cannot do for some stupid reason is get it to update the date/time.
It is set to Jan 1 2010.
I have tried forcing a DNS server (OPENDNS), I put in two NTP servers.
I have it set to Greenwich Mean Time -6 and Daylight savings time on.
I have made calls, received calls, is there some sort of special secret Asterisk command
to update the date/time?



My Network Settings are all at defaults except LocalTimeZone = GMT-06:00(Central Time).

The correct time comes up properly on every reboot.


OK, once I put it back to default, and took out the DNS and rebooted again, it finally worked.