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Started by MontyForum, May 11, 2013, 01:39:47 PM

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Hi, all.

I purchased the OBi and have problems setting it up due to the fact that I have a wireless modem with built in router.  I've been advised that the changes that are recommended router configuration changes in the FAQ when set up problems occur can't be made (e.g. turn on QoS, turn off any SIP ALG residing in router). I'm now looking for to purchase a router and use the modem as a bridge.  Does anyone have suggestions re. a good routers (not too expensive $100 range preferably) that requires little or no configuration for my OBi to work?


For under 100, you should be able to pickup a decent single band router at 2.4Ghz which is probably what your original wifi was setup as.  ASUS RT-N16 is one of the better ones available under $100 at places like and should work fine with an OBI.
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I have never regretted buying my ASUS RT-N16.  I use it with my OBi202.  The fact that you can use it with dd-wrt leaves endless options.  In fact I bought mine specifically for use with dd-wrt but I never installed it because it already does everything I want.  I did do an update to the latest official firmware however.

One last thing.  I had a modem with wireless router built in that was made by Motorola.  I had nothing but trouble and I returned it twice.  The second time I got the Asus with a stand alone modem made by Motorola.  Everything is beautiful now.
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Quote from: Jackson on May 13, 2013, 08:17:52 AM
Better read this first.

Considering that the the OP there was using a non-stock firmware, I don't know that I'd see that issue as being one with the device.
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Hi, all.  Thanks for the responses. 

I have a OBI 110.  Will the ASUS RT-N16 work for me?  Will I need to disable SIP-ALG?  If yes, how do I do this?  I purchased another ASUS router (RT-N66U).  I love the download speed, but the OBI doesn't work - can't call my OBI device # from my OBI app on my cell phone.  Can call the other way, but can't hear on cell phone.  I am able to confirm IP address and do the echo test with the phone hooked up to OBI, but that's it. 

I called ASUS  and was advised that ASUS doesn't support VOIP - not sure if they were referring to product that I purchased or all their routers.  I would have to connect the OBI to the modem (which didn't work that's why I'm purchasing a router). I set up the port triggering and forwarding correctly.  Was advised that I don't need QOS or to set up DMZ.

Recommended products on the OBI talk site include D-link DIR-655 (appears to have been around for awhile - prices are lowered and can buy re-furbished) and Medialink 802.11n.


Pffft! I have an ASUS RT-N66U running Merlin's firmware and VoIP works just fine. I'm sure the standard firmware would work fine as well.


I've tried the 2 OBi110's I have with 3 different Trendnet routers and they all worked great with the OBi110's. I didn't need to do the port forwarding, port triggering or any special configs. I only needed to set the static IPs for them using their MAC addresses and that's all I did.

FYI, the 3 Trendnet routers I tried with the OBi110s were TEW-639GR, TEW-672GR and TEW-692GR.


I bought the Medialink router that is recommended by Obi, and it's been working great with the Obi 110.  Setting up the router was a major pain because Medialink gives several setup options, depending on the modem, and I tried setting it up according to their directions for my modem, only to discover that I needed to use a different setup (I eventually stumbled on the key phrase in the setup manual and there was some trial and error). 

The reviews of the router on Amazon gave good scores, and purchasers particularly liked customer service responsiveness to problems.  It cost around $50.


My 2 (unsolicited) cents :)

I tend to agree that most newer routers (Asus in particular) can do QoS pretty well, but for the peace of mind, get a router (and a few of the suggestions above N12, N16 fit the bill) that supports Tomato and you should be good.
DD-WRT seems to be behind Tomato in QoS performance - but it's also a choice, as it will work on more cheap routers (I just got a dual-band Belkin for 25$ and it runs DD-WRT).

My main router is a Linksys E4200v1 with Tomato Shibby and never had any issues with simultaneous voice calls and P2P traffic.

Having a good broadband connection also helps.."throwing bandwidth at the problem" :)

PS Maybe the topic should be moved to another subforum as it does not deal with Obi firmware.
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