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Marking Voice Mail Message as READ

Started by drdigital1, April 07, 2011, 08:59:12 PM

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I am using Obi100 with GV. A Voice Mail message sets the MWI on the phone (connected to Obi100) display and gives a stutter dial tone. After listening to the message I am prompted to press 7 to mark message as "read". Once I do this, I hear "message archived".
Despite this, I continue to have the WMI display and the stutter tone. When I dial the GV number and reach voice mail, I am told again that there is a NEW message. I think the stutter dial tone, WMI display and "you have one new message" recording should not happen anymore after marking a message as READ and having it archived, because it will prompt an unnecessary call to the voice mail system.
Any thoughts on this?


because google uses something different than normal for message indication it is common for the message waiting indications to linger after the voicemail has been checked.

If google tells you again that there is a message when you call, that problem is with google, not the Obi.

Just a note: make sure you don't have google set to put missed calls in your inbox or you will get message waiting indication for missed calls.


This is happening to me, too.  It isn't a OBi problem (agreeing with what jimates said); it's a Google Voice problem.  Test:  Unplug your OBi.  Call your GV number from some other phone.  Leave a message and hang up.  Call your GV number, listen to the message, and press "7" to mark it as read.  You'll hear the "message archived" recording.  But, the message stays as new/unread.  Next time you dial into GV, the message is still flagged as "new".  There are several posts on the GV help forum about this, but no resolution.  No, I do not have the GV option checked to forward missed calls to my inbox.

Is this working properly for anyone here?  I wonder if it's only impacting certain GV users?  Is this "working as designed" by Google?


The reason this is happening is that pressing 7 to mark the voicemail message READ and to archive it is not processed correctly by GV and the voice mail message is still showing as UNREAD in the GV inbox on the web. However, if you listen to the message on the web and make sure the message is shown as READ in the GV inbox then accessing (after some delay!) the voicemail box through the phone connected to Obi box will be correct (no stutter dial tone, no "new message waiting", etc).  So listening to the message twice (on the phone AND on the web) will do the trick. Of course, the same happens if you DELETE the message in GV inbox.