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OBiBT dialing problems

Started by skipro, May 20, 2014, 04:50:24 PM

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OBi 202. New to OBiBT. Inserted & paired with no problems. Set to be primary outgoing on Phone1.

If "7-Digit Dialing" or area code setting is blank I get my carrier "cannot complete call" message. Only the first 3 digits that are dialed show on the cell phone as dialed.

If "7-Digit Dialing" or area code setting is filled [XXX], then these 3 digits get inserted/prefaced when a 10 digit number [YYY-111-2222] is dialed. I end up with XXX-YYY-1112 showing on cell phone and no call goes through. If I dial the same area code as in the settings [XXX], I get XXX-XXX-1112.

I have no issues with this on SP1-4. It seems the OBi gets dumb in BT mode and does not know how to handle the dialing.