Problem With Callcentric Incoming Caller ID

Started by BearJerCares, June 04, 2013, 08:39:46 PM

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BTW - callcentric beats LocalPhone for some international outbound calls.
For example calls to Brazil are a little less.  So thanks to the very flexible but not so hard to program
digit maps and call handling  -  I automagically switch to Callcentric for certain prefixes...


I agree with Bob, at least for my purposes.  Right now I have Callcentric on both my SPs, because it gives me a unique ring for each number.  I want to setup Localphone for outgoing calls, and hope to do that with the Voice Gateway capability of the OBi, once I figure that out.  If I can't get it to work that way, then I guess I'll have to either accept the same ring for both incoming Callcentric numbers OR have the less-used one go to voicemail.