Latest firmware text feature bug

Started by MicroNateDram, June 15, 2013, 07:08:21 AM

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In the latest firmware I think I found a bug.  ???

It appears the latest feature you guys added (texting to the phone through caller ID) isn't working correctly on my phone set. 

It only sends ONE text (the last one received) instead of sending several when you get a few at a time.  It also appears to update with a few minutes delay from when it shows up in the google voice texting inbox.

I've tested this out by slowly sending one text at a time and it works fine.  So maybe you guys are trying to send too many texts (faking them as calls) at once and the phone doesn't detect it when you do this?


Looking at I think that is the way it is supposed to work. The intention is that the main purpose of ringing the phone and putting up caller ID info is to notify you of the message rather than to contain the complete message.
Quotea feature that alerts you to incoming SMS / text messages to your Google Voice number and lets you see the first few words of the text message in the Caller Name area of your regular phone's display.  The Caller Number area will show the number from where the text message was sent.


Shale is correct, you only get the first text in a 'text thread' sent on the Caller ID.  And you're not the first one to think this is a bug.  It's what you'd call 'lightly documented.'

A side note, if you leave any text messages in a full text thread unread in GV's message screens, and you reboot an Obi202, then the first message will be sent as to the phone as soon as the Obi completes it's reboot. And if the first text was sent days ago you'll be wondering "what is that?"


Lightly documented is a nice way of putting a poor implementation of texting support.

Being an computer engineer, I know that there is a "better" way of implementing texting alerts over caller id.  This is just a first pass attempt of implementing the feature and can definitely be improved upon by the obi software team.

First off to clarify a few things.  I'm not looking to see the full length of the message, but I would want to know I got two messages rather than just one. 

For example, I just sent myself two texts from TWO different accounts and only got one single ring (this is stupid?!? ).  I then responded to the text and got several responses a few minutes later and didn't ever get any new rings.

For me the goal of this feature is to let me know if I get a text that is worth going to the computer to look at.  Therefore you have to get a "ring" anytime and every time you get a new text, regardless of the conversation aspect.  If the obi device doesn't do this, it's only servicing 10% of the desired need. 

Just trying to give feedback to obi-engineers that they could do something even better. 


Obi is clearly not trying to win any awards for best practices in new product feature documentation.