how to restrict access to single(out of 3) obi device to my trusted circle

Started by dotcomsourcing, June 26, 2013, 01:07:06 PM

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i have 3 devices registered in my obitalk account. I have added 3 other people(obitalk accounts) to my trusted circle. Of these people, i want to give acces to 1 device to 1 person, 2 devices to another person and all device access to 1 person for making outbound calls through my obitalk account using their own soft phones and their own obitalk accounts on their pc's.

i am unable to limit access to these people through specific devices in my account. as they have access to all my obi devices.

Please advice.


One thing that comes to mind is to create 3 different OBiTalk accounts, and delete some devices from the existing account.

Alternatively, I think you could modify the X_InboundCallRoute for each SP of each device. I am not sure how to cause OBiTalk to not override your change, but I think that will not be a problem if you modify each X_InboundCallRoute for each SP for each device.

The multiple OBiTalk accounts may be acceptable to you, but it is not the only way.