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OBi 110 Off Hook Dial Tone

Started by bsdaiwa, December 22, 2013, 09:56:51 AM

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I have installed a new OBi110 and configured CallCentric on SP1 and GV on SP2 then setup the PSTN line as the default when the phone is taken off hook.

1)   I notice that there is a delay before I hear the dial tone when I pick up the phone to dial a local number (PSTN), and was wondering how I can eliminate or minimize the delay. Other users in the house think they have a problem when they don't hear the dial tone as soon as they pick up the phone, so I would like to have the OBi act like a "normal" phone.

2)   I was also noticed that there is no dial tone when I dial **1 or **2 and wondered how to create a dial tone so others know they have a valid line.

Thank you for any guidance you can provide.


1. This seems odd. When you pick up the phone it's the OBi110 dial tone that you hear. Even if you make PSTN your Primary Line, you will not hear PSTN dial tone by simply picking up the phone. Can you try a different phone? A simple corded phone would be best for testing.

2. A second dial tone can be provided in the Phone Port DigitMap. There is a choice of three dial tones:

di = Dial Tone
di2 = Second Dial Tone
od = Outside Dial Tone

If we use second dial tone the format is like this:

Physical Interfaces > PHONE Port > DigitMap:

User picks up phone gets dial tone, then dials **1 and gets the second dial tone. Second dial tone disappears when any further digit is dialled.


Sorry, I was wrong when I described issue number 1. Yes I get the dial tone as soon as I pick up the phone but when I dial a local number using the PSTN line, I get a long delay. Is there anyway to eliminate that delay or reduce it to as little as possible?
Thanks for the dial tone instructions, worked great.


There may be a few settings adding delays to PSTN calls. The most important is matching the format of the numbers you are dialling with the number formats in the Line Port DigitMap. If you dial ten digit numbers, then the default digitmap adds around ten seconds delay as it does not match ten digit numbers. You could try this:

Physical Interfaces -> LINE Port -> DigitMap :

Dialling out over PSTN is set up for worst case long lines. Your OBi110 sends out DTMF tones 200ms long with 200ms silences inbetween. I find 80ms on/off works fine for me, but you may need to experiment to see what works reliable for you. Some users find 80ms on and 50ms off works fine. Set these at:

Physical Interfaces > LINE Port > DialDigitOnTime
Physical Interfaces > LINE Port > DialDigitOffTime