OBi Star Code Features

Started by ShermanObi, January 26, 2011, 12:41:28 PM

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Document Here

OBi Star Code Enabled Features Apply to All Voice Services  

*07  Redial
*69  Call Return
*81  Block Caller ID (Persistent Mode)
*82  Unblock Caller ID (Persistent Mode)
*67  Block Caller ID (One Time)
*68  Unblock Caller ID (One Time)
*72  Call Forward All (Enter Number + #)
*73  Disable Call Forward All
*60  Call Forward on Busy (Enter Number + #)
*61  Disable Call Forward in Busy
*62  Call Forward on No Answer (Enter Number + #)
*63  Disable Call Forward No Answer
*77  Block Anonymous Calls
*87  Unblock Anonymous Calls
*56  Enable Call Waiting
*57  Disable Call Waiting
*78  Do Not Disturb - Turn On
*79  Do Not Disturb - Disable
*05  Repeat Dial
*06  Disable Repeat Dial
*74  Speed Dial Set-Up (Enter SD No. [1-99] then Tel No. + #)  +++
*75  Speed Dial Read-Back (Enter SD No.)

*4711 Use G711  For the Next Call  (Enter *4711 then Tel No.)
*4729 Use G.729 For the Next Call  (Enter *4729 then Tel No.)

*03  Called OBi will Loop-back Media
*04  Called OBi will Loop-back RTP
+++  Be careful with the Speed Dial Set-Up as this will conflict with the Speed Dials set-up on the OBiTALK portal.  The Speed Dials that are set-up on the OBiTALK portal will always overwrite anything set-up via the phone connected to the OBi.