Change OBi Softphone Speed Dial to use Obion iPhone App

Started by JuanObi, July 13, 2013, 03:16:09 PM

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I upgraded from an OBi110 (deleted as a device on OBiTalk Dashboard) to an OBi202 (added as a device on OBiTalk Dashboard). I would really appreciate any advice on changing the softphone speed dial number so I can use the Obion iPhone app (deleting and reinstalling on the iPhone does not work). Thank you! Note to Support - the online support request form would not accept either of my OBi numbers so I could submit a request.


I answered my own question and want to share it. Click the gear wheel for Obion device listed in the OBiTalk Dashboard and then set the OBiVoice Gateway to the OBi Number desired to avoid the need to enter the second number in your Obion app - no speed dial is necessary.