Firmware downgrading prohibited on OBi202 ?

Started by Juste, August 17, 2013, 11:31:44 AM

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Has anyone dealt with downgrading from 4041 version to an older one ?

I keep getting "Firmware downgrading prohibited" message.

Is it possible to get it done ?



Old topic, same problem. I am having problems and want to revert back to a backup, no go......


You will not be able to downgraded a firmware once you have upgraded it. It
is always better to have the latest firmware ( a general rule of thumb) as
it contain fixes and upgrades.

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So what are we supposed to do when we rolled with your latest firmware and it's broken some of our functionality?  Myself and some others can no longer get GV to configure on firmware 4477


You have to set up Google Voice via the obitalk portal now or so I believe. (Not a GV user myself)
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Quote from: Hortoristic on November 14, 2014, 08:55:19 AM
So what are we supposed to do when we rolled with your latest firmware and it's broken some of our functionality?  Myself and some others can no longer get GV to configure on firmware 4477

See my instructions here, to properly configure an OBi device to use Google Voice.

I last tested this with FW 4420.  If you follow these exact instructions, and it doesn't work with FW 4477, then please describe the exact behavior and step where it fails.


I just upgraded to 4477 and added Google Voice with no issues.  The process went very slow and I thought for a moment that there was an issue.  In the end it worked just fine however.

If we were able to downgrade I would not be so hesitant to upgrade.  It has been a VERY long time since I upgraded my Obi202.  I wish they would introduce the ability to go back 1 or 2 releases.  Despite the boilerplate response Obihai likes to give on this subject for some people in some circumstances the latest build might not be a good fit.
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Indeed - I have an intermittent problem that started happening recently and can not try earlier firmwares to see if it's an incompatibility introduced by a firmware update.

Polycom's attitude regarding firmwares is as they always write flawless software and they're ruling out the possibility that things could break, even though their device is supposed to interact with countless different service providers that may not even fully respect official specs.

Please provide changelogs and at least access to most recent firmwares!


I cannot comment on our new Obilords as I have had no contact with Polycom which I consider a good thing because that means things have been running smooth for me. You resurrected a dead thread that referred to prior management.  I do however stand by the statement that we should be allowed to downgrade to some extent.  Perhaps to the last major build or last major bugfix.  I certainly understand their desire to keep us on up to date firmware but a little wiggle room might alleviate an occasional problem for a few. 
Long live our new ObiLords!


I agree with others about the "upgrades". I have set up a 302 that was new in box, it worked kind of okay, decided to "upgrade" to their newest version. It broke everything, no error lights. I had no dial tone, bluetooth wouldnt work, unit kept rebooting when calls were attempted. The ONLY thing I did to fix it was reinstall an older version (5859), that is the ONLY change made. Now, I have a dial tone, the 302 works, calls are fine, bluetooth works, no rebooting issues. So the question stands. What about those who arent allowed to revert to an older version? What are they to do with the trashed "upgrades" that cause them to need to pay for tech support to "fix" the fix? I am lucky to be able to reinstall older versions, all units should be able to do this. It is obvious that Polycom DOES make mistakes with version roll outs.