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Busy line every time I make a call using Google Voice with Obi 110

Started by 1923320249820480, September 05, 2013, 06:22:09 PM

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Hey all, I have a Google Voice account and I'm using the Obi 110 gateway. I was successful in setting it all up in the beginning and I was able to make a call to my parents home phone no problem. Then I got someone on that side to call me, and it didn't ring. So I waited a bit then tried calling back, then I kept getting a busy line "Beep Beep Beep". I tried resetting it all up again and still got the busy line. If I was able to make a call in the first place I don't think this could be my router. Does anyone have any tips?. THanks in advance!.


I figured out why this happened, and there was a "T" or a "P" mode to select on the bottom of the phone, i turned on the "P" mode to see if the ringer would work, but that just messed everything up. Thanks anyways everyone!.