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Call Back via Auto Attendant on the OBi Device

Started by ShermanObi, January 26, 2011, 09:27:23 PM

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Another reason to use callback might be if staying in a hotel which charges outrageous outbound rates. Incoming calls are usually free where I have stayed. I don't know how you would go through an operator to get to a specific room though unless you had a DID.
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just a stupid question, i am out of town and want to use obihai service. do not want to use the landline as the ring tone is too noisy.

So my plan is use obion android to initial a call back thru my landline to my mobile phone and call out thru SP2.
obihai android -> AA -> call my mobile phone -> use SP2 to call out.

when i use obihai android, the AA prompt will ring and disconnect about 5 sec. i.e. when the prompt say" press 1 to continue this call,"then the AA disconnected.



The simple answer is to dial OBiON > SP2

To do this you need to change your OBiTALK InboundCallRoute. I'm using an OBi110 in this example, Its Primary Line is sp1. Delete existing and replace with:

Voice Services -> OBiTALK Service -> InboundCallRoute:

User Settings -> User Defined DigitMap 2:
Label: cot
DigitMap: (290123456)

Where 290123456 is your OBiON softphone number.

Now you should be able to dial from OBiON in the same way as from the phone connected to the OBi110. To dial out using sp2 from OBiON simply dial **2 followed by the number.


Quote from: hitwao on November 27, 2011, 03:14:36 AM
Thank you very much for the offered help. I am sorry for not being very clear.

My objective is to have all calls transferred to my mobile in Cameroon through the fixed line connected to my obihai 110.
I have set up my device on obinet and on the Device Configuration - tatsihome I have set the obi attendant pin. Service provider 1 is google and service provider 2 is rynga.

First action:

I now ring my google number and the fixed line connected to obihai rings  about 7 times and a female voice asks me to leave a message and i think this should be at google or sipgate. I expected obi attendant to ask for my pin to transfer the call through the fixed line of the obhihai to my mobile phone.

Second Action:

I now place a call to the fixed line attached to the obihai and it rings for 12 times until it stops ringing no auto attendant comes in to ask for my pin to transfer the call.

I dearly need call forwarding:-

1.) to my mobile phone for calls to the fixed line attached to the obihai 110. This seems difficult since the incoming call is through the fixed and the auto attendant has to use the same fixed line to call my mobile phone. I think i might need a rule here for the auto attendant to do this.

2.)  Calls from the US to  provider 1 the google account to be forwarded through auto attendant through the fixed line at obihai 110 to my CM mobile phone.

3.) Provider 2 will be used only for outgoing calls out by me so that while out of the house, I can use my mobile phone to call the fixed line at the obhihai and the auto attendant directs the calls out through provider 2. In which case the Obihai needs a rule to recognize my mobile phone number from the fixed line at the obihai and forward the calls through provider 2.

Right now the auto attendant thought configured does not work at all.

I will try to reset the device and start all over again.


From what I read you could put the equipment to work.
I do not have the equipment yet.

Is how you take a prints ( of your setup and put here in the forum or send it to my email

as a provider I use to make calls.

I need the same thing that u use.


Pelo que eu li você conseguiu colocar o equipamento para funcionar.
eu não tenho o equipamento ainda.

Tem como vc tirar uma prints ( da sua configuração  e colocar aqui no forum ou mandar para meu e-mail

como prestadora eu uso o para fazer chamadas.

eu preciso da mesma coisa que vc usa.


Does the OBi Call Status (while the callback in in progress) or the OBi Call History (after the callback has completed) shed any light on what is going on?


Thanks for the quick response!  Yes, dialing that way normally via the attached phone (**8+local four digit number) works fine for local outgoing calls via landline.  No changes have been made to the default OutboundCallRoute settings.  The only related setting I have is the AA "PrimaryLine" is set to SP1, but with dialing the **8 that shouldn't be an issue I wouldn't think.