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WiFi FW Upgrades are OK!! Obi 202 users: Do NOT attempt to update f/w via wi-fi

Started by Agent88, September 16, 2013, 03:30:53 PM

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It is OK to update the firmware of the OBi2 series and OBi3 series via WiFi.  That said, if your WiFi network is very slow and/or lossy, you may have greater success using Ethernet. 

Thank you - Obihai Support Team

If you have the USB wi-fi dongle, make sure you connect an ethernet cable before clicking on the auto update f/w feature of your Obi202 on ObiTalk.

If you don't connect via ethernet, it will fail and you will lose communication until you re-connect an ethernet cable.  Make sure it is connected to the "internet" port, not the LAN port.