FAQs not working and unable to start support ticket

Started by Agent88, September 17, 2013, 06:45:49 PM

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Recently, I attempted to look for info from FAQ section.  I got no response.  Today, when I click on FAQs, the menu flickers and indicates failure to respond.  All other menu items re-direct properly.

Today, when I attempt to start a support ticket, it will not allow it because the product name is locked into "Click to select a product".  Nothing I do can get it to allow me to enter my product name.  Because of this, the ticket will not generate.

Am I locked out of support?  I have 3 Obi products:  an Obi100, an Obi110 and an Obi202, all purchased this year.

My issue is with the Obi110, specifically, the LINE port (FXO).

My issue:  My Obi110 is configured to work with GV and does so.  The analog phone on the phone port connects to GV.  What DOES NOT WORK is the Line port (FXO).  When I have it connected to my POTS line (AT&T), it reports an offhook error and I get no dial tone.  Furthermore, all of the phones in the house show "Line in Use" and will not connect to the landline.  Disconnecting the telephone line cable from the Obi110 LINE port to my house line is necessary to use my landline.  What is wrong?


In looking at your post history, you've been doing a lot of things over the past few months and have what appears to be a very complex setup.  Your post doesn't cover any of that, just says that when you connect your 110 to the line that it seems to seize the line and you can't  use it.  I suspect there is more to it than that.

Did it ever work?  What's changed?