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Obi202 - Calls go silent after ~30 secs??? Please help!

Started by TCW25, October 08, 2013, 02:12:20 PM

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Our Obi202 has been working great until this evening.  We have 3 accounts set up in the device: 1 with GV (SP1), and 2 with (SP2 & SP3). (SP2) is the default for outgoing calls.  

When we call via GV, everything works fine. This is not be true after more testing.  GV has the same issue.

When we call out or receive calls, the call goes silent after about 30 seconds as if disconnected.  The call timer keeps counting and the device light keeps blinking though.  Changing servers with doesn't help.

If I use the same accounts via a softphone app they work fine, so I think it's the device.  However, these VOIP settings are way over my head and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, my device recently (~3 days ago) was updated to new firmware, but it was working fine for 2 days afterward.  The current firmware is 3.0.1 (Build 4109).

Thanks in advance!