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OBI110 rings phone for POTS line but doesn't connect call

Started by Grant, October 08, 2013, 12:21:12 PM

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My OBI110 used to "pick up" an incoming phone call when I press talk on my panasonic wireless phones.  At some point this stopped working and it may be after one of a few power outages recently.

When there is an incoming call over the POTS line, the phones ring.  When I press the talk button I don't hear anything and neither does the other side of the call.

When there is an incoming call over the VOIP (google voice) everything works fine.

Any ideas?  Is the hardware faulty?  I dont think I've changed any settings that would cause this to stop working.



If you plug the cable now going to the OBi Line jack into the Panasonic, can you make calls?


yes, without the obi110 I can make and receive calls on the same phone jack/wire.
I've also tried a different phone jack/wire and different phone in my house with the same result.

Everything points to faulty hardware but I wanted to run through any other ideas first.  Next step I can think of is to do a full reset of the obi110 to see if that helps any.  I don't have high hopes for that though.  Would I at that point be left with doing an RMA?

Thanks for the help!


I think you probably have a failure in your OBi110.

You could try deleting your Line port setup on OBiTalk, and then setting up again, but I suspect that won't fix it.

You could port your number to a VOIP provider and set that up on SP2, but you see advantages in the reliability of a wireline phone line. It's probably time to get that new OBi110 on order.