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Problem with OBItalk 202 Not ringing on GV

Started by ledfortr, February 08, 2014, 09:58:18 AM

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Hi Folks,
I am having a problem with 1 of my google voice numbers. 

I have 4 GV numbers coming in on Sp1, Sp2, Sp3, Sp4. 

3 out of the 4 numbers are working just fine.  I am experiencing a problem with SP2, it is showing a "Connected" status, but its not actually ringing. 

When I test it, I do not see the call in my call history.  I am assuming I have misconfigured GV and I need to tweak something there. 

Any ideas on what needs to be changed?

Within GV settings I have it set to "forward's to Google Chat" at the email address I have configured for the google account. 

I believe this account did work at some point because I created a distinctive ring for it. 

I have went through every setting within GV and compared them to one of my numbers that I know works.

Any ideas?

Thanks all!