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Wanted to hook my printer to the 202 either LAN or USB

Started by erichard2, December 05, 2013, 09:38:06 PM

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Is there a way to get that to work? I ran out of ports on the main router, so I thought I'd just piggy back on the Obi 202 unit to get my printer on the network.

So far, the printer doesn't show up on the network in either the USB or the LAN port.

Any ideas, or is this a dead end? Thanks.

BTW, I'm using a Mac Pro with a Brother 5170DN printer and a Linksys  EA6200 router and an Apple airport extreme in between (printer works if just plugged into the Airport Extreme, which goes to the Linksys, which goes to my Mac Pro.)


lan port on the back of the obi doesn't work that way.  And the USB port doesn't support printers.

I don't know if the lan port on the obi can act as bridge, but it's default configuration is as a NAT network.  So it creates a new network accessible on that port that doesn't route to your main network.

The obi can be configured so that it connects directly to the internet and you attach your internal network router to the output of the obi.  Then all internet traffic goes through the obi.

Info on configuring can be found here
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Quote from: MikeHObi on December 06, 2013, 07:02:51 AM
I don't know if the lan port on the obi can act as bridge, but it's default configuration is as a NAT network.
Info on configuring can be found here

From your first link:
QuoteThe OBi can also be set to work as a 3-port switch (a.k.a. Bridge mode), by changing its OperationMode parameter from Router to Bridge.  Note: One of the switch ports is for OBi202/OBi302 internal use only.

Your second link shows the OperationMode setting.

I hope it works as documented.  I'm planning on using it 'bridged'!


A bridge mode is what I'm looking for, I believe. How exactly do you change the operational mode, and does anybody know if there's a downside to doing this apart from losing the router function per se? I will never use this as a router. My second router, the Airport Extreme is used in the bridge mode, with my new Linksys as the gateway router.


Well, figured it out. From a computer that is hooked into the LAN port on the Obi202, type in to open the router's web/admin page, with default username, password being admin, admin. Click "router" and then the "lan" section. Click the check box next to router, and it turns into "bridge" (no need to recheck the box). Reboot the router (upper left of the web page says "reboot"). And you're done. Now hook the printer's ethernet cable to the OBi202 LAN port, and then add the printer into your various computers' systems. It shows up very quickly on my Mac's, no problem. This it great because the printer doesn't eat up one of my valuable gigabit ports.

My original issue today was trying to hook into the admin. page from my desktop in another room which was connected to the linksys, and then to the Extreme router, and then to the OBi202. Because that comes from upstream, it doesn't connect to (no matter how many times you try, don't ask how I know this!). Fix was to connect computer to the LAN port and retry, Bingo!

Once it moves to bridge mode, I'm not sure that works any more, though I'm not certain.

Thanks for spotting that bridge reference guys. Saved me from explaining to my wife why I needed to move the printer into the living room to be with the Linksys.


By default, the obi does not expose the admin web page to the internal network.  There is an option in the interface to make it available.
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