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GV Slow to Connect via Forwards?

Started by MikeHObi, November 22, 2013, 06:58:32 AM

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For the past 2 weeks I have had issues reported to me of family calling and ringing through to voice mail but the phone in the home either never rang or rang once.

After the first week I thought maybe Callcentric was having an issue so I switched to using Anveo (google voice forwards to either).  I still had reports of this happening.  Testing with my cell phone never could duplicate the problem.

Today I had further reports and was able to create the issue from my office phone which is run through POTS lines.  Calling GV which routes to Callcentric phone would ring to voice mail with no rings at the home extension.  Switched to using Anveo and the phone would ring to voice mail with no rings at home extension or maybe one.  Wife said she picked up but I was gone.  Switched to Google talk.  Call answered immediately.  Switched to Callcentric call answered after 2 rings.

Something is up with google call routing when forwarding.  Not sure what.  for now I have callcentric and google talk checked to handle calls.
Obi202 user & Obi100 using Anveo and Callcentric.