My obi110 does not update from obitalk

Started by Islander48, November 30, 2013, 05:50:31 PM

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A friend of mine complained that his Obi110 had stopped working. I replaced it with a new one I had as spare. I set it up via Obitalk and his problem was gone. I took the old one, reset it to factory default and set it up from scratch via Obitalk. I then noticed that it would not update via Obitalk and hence would not work. I then set it up again, this time via the local web interface. Now it works as expected but I can only update it locally. What would cause this fault to appear? Can it be fixed? It shows as online (green) on ObiTalk.


If you are referring to updating firmware, try updating the firmware by dialing ***6.

If you are saying that changes made in OBiTalk don't change your box, in OBiTalk, in Device Configuration try Delete Device, and then add the device back in from scratch on OBiTalk.


***6 said: "Software update not available"

Then I deletedit from Obitalk and added it back. Now updates via Obitalk work!
Thanks! :)