only one phone number audio issue

Started by toland, December 28, 2013, 12:04:23 AM

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I set up 2 Freephoneline numbers - one with OBi100 and another with OBi200.
Both works fine to call and to receive calls to all numbers tested. With only one exception: when I call from OBi200 to OBi100 number - the other phone rings, but no audio. If I call the other way though - from OBi100 to OBi200 - everything works fine.

I can also can call and receive calls from another Freephoneline user, only those one with OBi100 can not receive my calls.

Anybody had such problem? Any advice would be appreciated.


Are the 2 OBi's on the same LAN?

Ignore the following if they are on different LANs.

This is probably a RTP problem.
Use different RPT ranges for each OBi.
Service Providers -> ITSP Profile X -> RTP
LocalPortMin: xxxxx
LocalPortMax: xxxxx

In your router Port Forward the RTP ranges to the respective OBi.

As an alternate you can use the OBiTalk network to call the other OBi.

Dial **9200111111 where 200111111 is the OBi number of the target OBi.


No , this two OBi's even in two different cities - 25 km away from each other