Localphone double credit!

Started by giqcass, December 30, 2013, 04:52:23 AM

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EDIT: Based on comments this only works for those people that get the email.  I believe they sent me the email because I signed up and did not add credit to my account but I used the free credit they gave me.  After just over a month I got the email.

I don't know if this code is for everyone but it worked for me.  When you enter the code it will confirm the extra credit. Go to localphone.com add any amount of credit from $1-$10 and they will double it. You must enter the voucher code BONUSDOUBLE before you check out. This offer ends on Mon 13 January 2014.   It took three minutes for my credit to be added to my account.  Not long but slow for the cyber age.  This basically gives you 8000 minutes of calling to the united states for $10 or 800 minutes for $1.  It seems like the perfect time to try their service out.  They also give out five minutes of free credit to any new subscribers to test their service. No credit card required to sign up.
Long live our new ObiLords!


This code did not work for me, but thanks anyway.


That must have been a special discount just for you or a elected group of people.. The only one I now was the Christmas refill discount of 10%. But they are a great deal with or without specials. :D


Sorry to hear it didn't work for you.  I took advantage of the maximum.  $20 credit for $10.  The great thing about their credit is you only have to make one call per year to keep the credit active.  They are not my preferred incoming call service but they have terrific outgoing rates all over the world so they make an excellent outbound calling service.

I looked up their Android app and it isn't very popular but I plan to set them up as a trunk on pbxes and use the Sipdroid app.  I am told Sipdroid is one of the better apps as long as you use it with pbxes.  It hasn't failed me yet.

After looking at the email the code may only be for first time buyers of credit.
Long live our new ObiLords!


When one clicks on add code BONUSDOUBLE it returns "Voucher code is invalid or no longer available".


When I signed up they soon made me a "add $2 get additional $2" offer (e-mail "A welcome gift for you").

A few days later they offered a 25% bonus (e-mail "Get Started - Make a call today").

I took advantage of the "$2 and get additional $2" offer and then the 25% bonus offer did not work. (They warned me I could only use one, as well as warning that I should use my initial free minutes before adding any credit as the initial free minutes would disappear after adding credit.)

On Christmas Eve they offered a 10% bonus (e-mail "Season's Greetings - A Gift For You!").

I wonder what they will offer next. :)


They used to offer a lot. A bit less lately, because i think that the economy of those freebees/specials is questionable. But they usually have free DID sign up in February, which is a good thing and I think that it will stay.
But they took some steps in fixing the caller ID issue on calls forwarded to Callcentric NYC DID and some other caller ID issues, so that's a positive development.