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Started by Fablog, May 24, 2012, 02:49:31 PM

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Hello, I'm right now with Bell for phone service and Teksavvy for DSL Internet. I want to cancel the Bell service, port my number to VOIP.MS and use Electronic box Internet cable network. I don't want any phone and Internet service interruption. What I would like to know is: if Voip.ms do the porting right now will the Bell phone service be working (for the dsl line) the time needed to cancel Teksavvy and order Electronic box? If not, how would manage this situation?

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1. Do not call Bell to cancel anything.
2. Make arrangements for your new Internet service.
3. Provide notice to cancel your existing Internet service.  Provide a one week buffer if you want to anticipate any unforeseen delays.
4. Port your number.
5. Your Bell account is closed automatically when your number has ported.

Good luck!

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Thank you Trev, it's very clear!


No to open a new thread, i have similar situation.

Difference is i am using Bell Business services, Internet and Phone, contract is expiring on March 16 2014.
Id like to switch to start.ca and voip.ms

But, when to start porting process?

voip.ms port takes 1-4 weeks. and bell requires 30 days cancellation notice.

if i call bell on feb 16th, and voip.ms port number before march 16th, Bell will charge me early term fee.

I am so confused with situation and need your advise.




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I ported my Bell number to voip.ms a while ago. It didn't take long. I don't think it takes a week to port. Simply ask your new voip provider to port the number to you. Bell will be notified and cancel the phone service automatically. As for the internet service, if they requires 30 days, that should be your guide.

Quote from: Akki on January 14, 2014, 03:06:58 PM
bell requires 30 days cancellation notice.

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