Google shutting down 3rd party API

Started by CSharpner, November 18, 2013, 09:10:33 AM

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OK, this scares me:

In May 2014, Google is going to shutdown their VOIP API for 3rd party apps.  I presume this is going to kill my home phone, which is 100% Google Voice via my OBi110?

What are your plans going forward?


This has been extensively discussed on the forum in several threads. Here is one:

Here is OBihai's own message about this:

Look around some on this forum, there is plenty to read.
Help me OBiHai PhoneOBi. You're my only hope.


Quote from: CSharpner on November 18, 2013, 09:10:33 AMWhat are your plans going forward?

I second the recommendation to read the other threads for detailed discussion, pros/cons, etc.

For simplicity it could all be done fairly cheaply with Anveo.  $2/month for incoming, $0.80/month for E911, $0.01/minute for outgoing.

My personal summary:

Incoming calls:  Anveo for my "home" number, and Google voice via IPKall to Anveo. (current configuration)

Outgoing calls:  Localphone with Anveo for backup and E911 (currently sending most outgoing via GV)


Quote from: CSharpner on November 18, 2013, 09:10:33 AM
OK, this scares me:

In May 2014, Google is going to shutdown their VOIP API for 3rd party apps.  I presume this is going to kill my home phone, which is 100% Google Voice via my OBi110?

What are your plans going forward?

My plans are effectively nothing changes. GV for me was an effective spam call trap. Not a primary, life depends upon it service.


It does seem like when something good is introduced, some how there looms uncle sugar wanting a cut. I imagine the phone services starting howling that their bread and butter was taken away, so with lobbying as it is bills where introduced to get a piece of the pie, just like state taxes on internet purchases, just another form of income. There are services out there that will be provided for the local tolls and if my information is correct uncle sugar wants a dollar a month bringing the thing under 5 bucks a month total. Still not bad compared to the usual phone service fees. Any way you slice it since we all plan to keep our ISP no matter what, there will be others that will come in a and fill the void just not free. Me I plan to keep Obi up and running with the lowest fee as my home phone and a cell on the lowest fee as a backup. I remember when we thought Vonage was such a good deal and it was compared to regular service, but marrying up our internet to phones will be viable til its taxed to death.


I'm new here and was seriously looking at GV specifically for its SPAM
blocking by # and having two multiple account link to the same #fwd...

Well, like others have said, it's no surprise that free is getting killed.

So with G out of the pic, moving forward here is what I have envisioned:

I looking at purchasing an OBi110 because it bridges the following
-- Pots<>Obi(BT/Wifi)<>SIP(voip)*2 [at least that's my understanding].

My options at this point kinda (pretty bad) and looking at leasing commercial
property so up go the costs [which I am trying to avoid by doing the following:]

Internet via VirginMobile 6GB @ $55 / month => currently have [using to write this]

Have a MagicJack+ that I would like to retire (at least retire the payments)
=> doesn't work well if the only internet service you have is Broadband2Go wireless.
[have 3 other MagicJacks that I have already retired ;) ]

Coming in the next few days:

VTech CS6859-2 2-Handset Cordless Answering System with Caller ID/Call Waiting

Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone => $15 / month unlimited US / Nationwide

I would like to use the OBi110 to bridge and be used to block certain callers,
or to forward to certain devices or #'s based on the Caller ID or Phone #.

Nothing that I have currently has this capability, and it seems that GV is about
to exit stage right!

What I HAVE done in the past is purchase a voice modem, intercept the Caller ID,
and if the number matched (or no anonymous, etc.) have the modem pick up and
play a fax wave file or disconnect message.

In the past I've had people try to fax to my recorded wave file and it was somehow
kind of funny to me -- anyway that's off topic.

I don't want to leave my computer on 24/7, but have thought about purchasing
an Asus for this purpose.  Seems like this is a long about way to get things done.

Where should I open this post...  as it seems that it relies typically on the OBi110
and bridging Pots with a computer or something of the sort.

I was hoping to somehow use an OBI product and the StraightTalk Home device
so that I could lower prices considerably and not have unwanted incoming calls,
or have to have a computer on 24/7.

Thanks for reading this somewhat long post.


When you say "POTS" if you mean a POTS Line then that is not the typical OBi configuration.

The OBi 110 is targeted more for:

POTS Phone <> OBi <> POTS Line <> {src/destination}
POTS Phone <> OBi <> SIP <> {src/destination}
and for a limited time remaining:
POTS Phone <> OBi <> GVoice <> {src/destination}

The OBi 110 does not do bluetooth, but if you have a 200 or 202, then you can add the OBiBt accessory and then do:
POTS Phone <> OBi <> bluetooth <> cell phone <> {src/destination}

The 200/202 does not do POTS Line, but you can add an OBiLine accessory do get functionality similar to the 110.  The 100 does not do POTS Line or bluetooth and does not accept those accessories.

None of this is to say that an OBi cannot be made to do:
POTS Line <> OBi <> SIP <> {src/destination}

Just that that is not the intent and you will be doing a lot of manual config and atypical usage and it may require some additional steps in the connection path.  I'll let others address that config if that is your intent.

As for WiFi, that is also an optional accessory for the OBi 200/202 and is used merely to replace the ethernet cable for Internet connection necessary for GVoice or SIP access.


For now I was just looking at using the OBi110 for AA
to replace GV (even though I haven't signed up for GV
because it doesn't make sense to do that now)

and use it for a call blocker...  didn't even plan on having
any internet hooked up to it to begin with.

Perhaps on down the line I will expand my system, but
my internet for the time being is $55/6GB and it's pricey,
but I am happy with it.

And my new wireless home system is working well @

I also have a dedicated server, but I don't know how it
would fit into the equation, if at all other than it's $ too.