how do I setup anveo with 2 different obi devices?

Started by chmedly, January 11, 2014, 03:31:02 PM

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I have 2 numbers on my Anveo account and I want to set it up so one number works at one location and the other number at a different location.  But, it seems that there is only one set of anveo credentials... Am I understanding this incorrectly?


Yes, you are correct.

However you can have a 'sub account'.  I believe one such is included with the basic (free) subscription.


Aha!  Sub-account.  It took awhile to find the link for where to set it up but I got it working.  Both numbers are in the root level account so I just have one of the numbers sent directly to the sip of the sub-account.  That means I have to figure out how to transfer a number from the root to the sub-account if I want all the fancy routing options. But I might not ever need that. 
Thanks for the help! 


Whoops.  I have edited this post. 

I had a problem but found it was a mistake on my end and the system needed time to get restabilized. Btw, it seems that anveo will work with UDP even though their info shows to use TCP.  


I'm back again.  Now that I've had this going for a few weeks it appears that Anveo is charging me a penny or so for incoming calls that aren't even answered.  I'm wondering if this is because the Anveo call routing system is handling the call (to determine if it's a fax or not) and that constitutes an answered call?  The problem is that this number does get some robo calls and I absolutely hate the idea that I actually have to pay something for that terrible pestilence on our society.