Google Voice not passing specific CallerID?

Started by zAmb0ni, January 14, 2014, 12:58:33 PM

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I'm not really sure which forums to post this in but I am starting here :), since it may be a problem in one of many places :).

I am currently using GV > IPKall > CallCentric > Obi100.  I recently added IPKall in the mix when the GV/CC problems started.  I am getting CallerID through fine with this setup...*BUT* not with my wife's work phone number. GV is showing the number fine when it is received, but when I check CallCentric it shows the number as Anonymous, and the phone rings and just has "Incoming" and no CallerID info.  All of the other numbers inbound to CallCentric seem to be showing the CallerID numbers correctly, and is correctly passing them on.

If I have my wife, at work, call my cell phone, I get the CallerID fine.

There is a twist here, for some reason, the CallerID outbound from the wife's work is actually wrong.  It is passing along a 743 area code, when it should be 734.  It shows up on GV as 743, and on my cell phone it shows up as 743.  Does anyone here have any idea what may be going on here where the CallerID gets lost?  I'm not sure if it is a setting I have wrong somewhere, or maybe GV is throwing a fit because there is a conflict between the 734 and 743, and then just strips out the CallerID.  Any ideas?


The anonymous report in Callcentric's log is due to improper call completion between the provider that google is using to route the call, and callcentric.  Callcentric typically is seeing the private bit set on the call as it comes into them.

The messed up CID sounds like a mis-configuration in the company phone system when it was provisioned.
Obi202 user & Obi100 using Anveo and Callcentric.