Obi202 New Setup, GVoice not working

Started by Ruckus, October 01, 2016, 09:14:49 AM

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looking for some help/clarification.

On a new setup of an obi202 i followed the directions on the sheet, everything within the dashboard looks fine, ie google voice setup as SP1 and says connected. However I am unable to make or receive calls through my Gvoice number. GVoice settings page is sending calls to Chat as per normal for my old Groove IP phone.

I *can* however make a call if i dial **1 first.

I read somewhere conflicting information suggesting you needed another voip service connected and pointed calls to that via the google voice settings page, but that seems would only be of use for incoming calls. Also i wanted a complete solution for using GV for all calls with the number my friends and family have had for about 10 years now.

So the fact i can only make a call by dialing **1 first suggest to someone somewhere that i might have a small config error somewhere.

oh and one more question, the fact that when going to the obi devices ip address in a browser only comes up with "The requested URL was not found!" suggest my device might be a little bit faulty?



after a bit more playing about, finding that the pots handset was set to pulse dialing not tone dialing i just managed to make a call and it worked fine.

still however can not make the thing receive calls and ring properly.


Read through my full instructions here, and find out where you have made an error.  If you can't figure it out, then delete your OBi off of the OBiTALK dashboard, factory reset the device, and start over, following my instructions:

Note, you must have a check mark to the left of the Google Chat forwarding destination on this page:

GrooVeIP has not been supported for several years.  Get rid of it.


edit: got it ringing now.

I use a very old version of Grooveip on a very old rooted phone, it works absolutely perfectly for outgoing and incoming calls.

I'd like to find a newer alternative before my old phone gives up so gave obi a shot. cant dump groove until this works.


Get rid of GrooVeIP; it can interfere with OBi use of your Google account, and it is insecure.  Use Google Hangouts instead.  It's officially supported, and it makes and receives calls using your Google Voice telephone number.

There is something wrong with your configuration.  You should not have to enter **1 before a call.

Log onto your Google Voice account on a laptop or desktop computer, not on a mobile browser, and go here:

Confirm that you see the exact two words "Your number" on the left side of that page, not "Access number" nor "Get a Voice number".  If so, then click your avatar in the upper right corner of that page.  Look carefully at the Google username it displays (e.g. 

Log into the OBiTALK web portal, and click on your 202 device.  Confirm that SP1 is connecting to the same Gmail address.  Confirm that the Phone Port Configuration Summary section shows that SP1 is the default for outgoing calls, and that it is set to ring Phone 1 on inbound calls.  See the screenshot attached.

Look at the back of the 202.  Confirm that you have plugged the phone cord into Phone 1, not Phone 2.


thanks mate. i edited the above post when i got it sorted.

really not sure which part got it working but i guess i can remove the grooveip phone now.

also lucky enough to have a smart panel in my house so the wiring to different rooms.