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ObiTalk down again?

Started by le_avion, December 21, 2014, 09:42:08 AM

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It seems that ObiTalk is down yet again. When trying to call another Obi I am getting "There is no service available to complete your call" and ObiOn is unable to sign-in. GV calls are fine. This is the second time it happened since I got the Obi about 2 months ago. Last time this lasted for 3-4 days. Is this normal Obihai service level? Very frustrating.  :'(

While on this subject, where is the ObiTalk status page? i.e. where can I find if the system is down and what is the restoration ETA?


Yes.  I can confirm that it's down.  Getting the same message here when calling echo test.


Yep, I can't get the status on two different obi's via the web portal as of 2:15 EST.
But I do know that they're both working for calls OK.


The portal is back up for me on both obi's as of 8:15pm EST.