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Started by dircom, December 16, 2014, 06:59:47 AM

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I ported an ATT landline to, and the process was painless. (however just using it for the forwarding feature)

Now I am helping a friend move his ATT landline to an Obi.
We all know the hoops required to jump through to port a landline to GV (or attempt to port)

With a qualifying Obi and, does operate in a similar manner to GV?  ie, make calls, receive calls, make three way calls, like GV will?  I can't seem to find a FAQ that explains the above.



I'm not an authority, but don't expect any extras, such as MWI or CNAM.  A point to consider is that posters with much more information on the service do not think it a better service at this point than GV.


The uncertainty and hoops to jump in order to port a # to GV, are one concern.

Anyone using a qualifying Obi and  Please report your experience


I painlessly ported my parents Verizon landline # to RT and except for one approx 30hr period when after following RT's advice on reinitializing the RT service on SP1 of an obi200 my parents were without service until something changed (at RT's end) and it magically started working again.  ::)

They have their own forum (They call it "The Lounge") that is monitored by 2 RT employees that seem to be as helpful as they can.

FWIW, I have noticed that the number of dropped packets on my parents service is very very low compared to my GV connections but that can be caused by other factors.

You can text through them & upload your own voicemail greeting.
Not all that bad, but certainly not as versatile as GV.


do you happen to know if caller id works, or 3 way calling?


Caller ID works just like GV, number only. I've not tried 3 way calling but have used the text.


caller id and 3 way calling are all they need, guess i will post on forum


I've been using RingTo on my OBi 200 since July. For my purposes it works well. I haven't tried 3-Way calling. Like GV, MWI is not supported. RingTo will set outgoing CNAM manually upon request. Support for incoming CNAM is planned but, not yet, available. GV supports neither incoming or outgoing CNAM. There are workarounds for incoming CNAM that work equally well with GV or RingTo.

They will port the landline for free. Should things not work out you'll be able to port out to a prepaid mobile carrier, again for free. You'd then be able to move the number to GV.

I wouldn't say that it's better or worse than GV. It depends on your needs.


I tested 3-way calling this morning by placing a call from RingTo on my OBi 200 first to my moto x, hit flash got dialtone then called my iPhone. I was able to carry on a fascinating conversation with myself between the handset attached to my OBi and my two mobile devices simultaneously; so, for me, it works.

I've got nothing against GV but, for my needs, I like RingTo a lot. As the upstart, I find them very willing to listen to customer feedback regarding future service enhancements.

Cheers! Roland


I looked at the stats on a friend's new obi200 with GV setup through a whiz bang Comcast router on a +20Mb connection and there were quite a few dropped packets there too.
So I'm starting to think that maybe RingTo could yield a more solid connection than GV.
I might have the ability to test my theory when my obi200 shows up & I find a number to port to RingTo. (Not really sure how to go about this?)


QuoteI might have the ability to test my theory when my obi200 shows up & I find a number to port to RingTo.

Just grab a new GV#.  It will then cost you $3 to unlock it for porting.


Hi Zorlac,

Do you have an Android device? If yes and you haven't already set up a RingTo account for yourself (I think I've seen you post that your parents use RingTo), grab GrooVe IP Lite from Google Play. It's the one way you can get a RingTo number without porting in. Once the number is in your account it can be used with any SIP device capable of connecting to RingTo. Currently those devices are OBis purchased after May 1st, Android devices via GrooVe IP and iOS devices running RingTo's mobile app.

Cheers! Roland



My GV stats (Obi100)

PacketsSent   84526      
PacketsReceived   79985      
BytesSent   14534416      
BytesReceived   13756860      
PacketsLost   680   .85%   
Overruns   0      
Underruns   0      

My Parents RT stats (Obi200)

PacketsSent   1139504      
PacketsReceived   1129751      
BytesSent   195903272      
BytesReceived   194303600      
PacketsLost   108    .01%
Overruns   0      
Underruns   69

Quote from: Jackson on December 18, 2014, 10:28:13 AM
Just grab a new GV#.  It will then cost you $3 to unlock it for porting.


Quote from: Jackson on December 18, 2014, 10:28:13 AM
Just grab a new GV#.  It will then cost you $3 to unlock it for porting.
Only 1 GV number/gmail address so I had to create a new gmail account and sign up for "Google Wallet"  ::) to pay the $3, but at least I could get a # in my town & area code this time!
So now the number is unlocked & I'll (hopefully) be able to port it to RT at some point.


No new porting requests until January 5th!

This is a reminder that our porting experts are now out of the office for the holidays and unable to process new porting requests until Monday, January 5th. The RingTo team looks forward to assisting you in 2015!