Call quality - GV vs Anveo vs Obivoice

Started by DrewMan, February 18, 2014, 07:47:42 AM

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I recently signed up for Obivoice.  Quality seems to be very good.  I had heard that Anveo has very good quality as well.  I would be interested in any feedback from others on this.


Obivoice is better quality than GV and Anveo should be the same or a little better but I don't use it as much to tell.

For incoming all my calls come through GV ringing multiple numbers and you get a bit of a loss of quality doing it that way.

Obivoice is surprisingly good but I am having intermittent problems with 404s and VM pickups and unfortunately most the tshoot has been to tell me to cycle the device or reprogram it.


I have been using GV and Callcentric before and now Vestalink (Obivoice). I feel there is a small delay with Vestalink (compare to Callcentric). Otherwise call quality are almost the same.


I tested Vestalink some, and ended up signing up with Anveo.  Call quality on Anveo seems better than Google voice and Vestalink, but I'll admit testing time is still pretty short.