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Started by john-b, February 22, 2014, 12:37:18 PM

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So the impending GV shutdown has my small company looking for options but a clear choice is a little unclear. Wanted to get some feedback from the users here on possible options.

We are a small company with 4 people who work remotely and each user has a dedicated GV number they use with an OBI. We have a 5th GV number that is configured to ring 2 of our users simultaneously. Each user will use the phone anywhere between 2-4 hours a day depending on what is going on. Being a business we don't want a cap on minutes a day/month and have to worry about getting shutdown for terms of service violations.

I have been looking into plans at some of the various tested OBi vendors such as Anveo and it is hard to tell what the end configuration costs will look like. For example, the Anveo business plan provided up to 6 devices and you can purchase phone numbers  but it is hard to understand what that costs monthly. Does that include any minutes The plan also provides a ton of features we don't need which seems overkill. We don't need any of  that stuff; we just want 5 numbers that we can use as forwarding numbers from GV.

When I look at these other sites like Anveo, it is the same story with unclear (to me) what we are really getting into. Any advice?


You can use Sipsorcery instead of a VOIP provider. Sipsorcery allows you to continue using GV via the callback method after the drop dead date.

For an explanation see:

Here is Sipsorcery's Website:

According to giqcass in the above Sipsorcery explanation you can only have 3 simultaneous calls at a time, so you might need 2 accounts each at $69 per year or one professional account at $199 per year. You would then need 4 or 5 DIDs.

You would have to setup a fairly complex Dialplan using the Ruby programming language. They have a forum where you can get help or I can help.

This is what I'm going to use after May 15th.
The unknown is how long Google will allow the GV callback method.


You can test Sipsorcery with your current setup. They also have a full refund if you cancel within 60 days. You can get free DIDs from IPKall or IPComms to test, but it's probably not a good idea to use them for a business.