Obi 202 Callcentre: Register Failed 403

Started by indiesalesrep1, February 24, 2014, 02:10:24 PM

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Hi everyone, I've tried setting up the Obi202 with my Callcentre account. I added the device successfully, so I went through the setup to get my number on there. However, the status on SP1 says "Register Failed: 403 Incorrect Authentication (s" I did some research and found this to be something with the account not being properly relayed - however, I have the Callcentre account and password correctly matched. I cannot dial out or receive, does anyone know other reasons why I might get this error?


The username and password is not the one you use to log into your account.  You need the username and password from the extension configuration.  Username should start with 1777 for callcentric.  Password is something you specified when you setup the extension.
Obi202 user & Obi100 using Anveo and Callcentric.