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New Zealand Configuration XML File

Started by MarkObihai, August 28, 2014, 06:56:45 AM

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Attached to this post is the NZ XML settings file that can be uploaded to the OBi via the local user interface at:

System Management -> Device Update

At "Restore Configuration", select the xml file that is contained within the attached zip file.

Your OBi should now have New Zealand progress tones and dialled numbers will be processed quicker with the localised digit map.

If you are simply looking for a New Zealand digit map for your OBi device you can use the following:

(111|<112:111>|[2-9]xx xxxx|0[34679]xxx xxxx|02[0279]xxx xxxx|021[3-9]xx xxx|021 2xx xxxx|021 0xxx xxxx|024 0x.|024[1-9]xxx xxxx|028[0134567]xx xxxx|028[289]xxx xxxx|026[1-3]xx xxx|0264 xxx xxx|0508 xxx xxx|080[0-8]xx xxxx|1xxx|08[2-3]xxx|01681x.|08322|083201234|014xx|015xxx|017[02]|0900 xx xxx|00xxxx.|010|018|195[67]|511|08320123[124]|137|0197xx.|xx.|(Mipd)|[^*#]@@.)
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