ObiVoice is now VestaLink

Started by OneForTheTeam, February 27, 2014, 04:30:56 AM

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Quote from: QBZappy on February 27, 2014, 11:41:35 AM

Well let's do it here and now.

Well let's see whats out there. GVMate ( ) doesn't seem worried about Google sending them a cease and desist letter. They have been around for awhile. Maybe we can work that angle.

GValt (this one rolls off the tongue)

Can you do better?  :D

LOVE NOTobivoice! Made me laugh.


It figures that Obihai would complain. I am not sure why Intelaphone changed the name to include Obi as Obihai is the worst company I have ever seen. Broken software that they do not fix such as the Android app. A poor business model and lack of any truth at Obihai is why things will crash down on them. Oh, they still continue to advertise Google voice compatibility on there main page hoping they can get the few last purchases of there device before Google gives the Obi the boot off there network. I do not get the Obihai fan boys who stick up for them. They Suck.

Another Obihai tactic seems to be advertising there new great partnership. It gives all there users a forty dollar a year phone services, but when you go to sign up it is $40 for 250 mins outgoing. Intelefone threw these jerks a life raft to save there bad business model of using Google voice, but they continue to defy what people want.

FYI. Vestalink or whatever they want to call the company, is so far, a much better company to deal with. They actual listen to there customers. I wish them the best of luck.

Obihai = Ripoff  :D

Obihai this is the first and last dime you will see of my money. You forget there is other options out there.


OBi quite, I'm trying to take a nap.
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Please come to Boston, she said no.



Hey guys. I am signed up with Vestalink and for the price and service you can't beat it especially since GV is not going to be supported on obihai. I have a problem which I was wondering if any one else was getting. When I dial out I get the message" The service provider has rejected the number you dialed. Code 400". Some thing like that, I have tried various things but I still get the same message. I receive calls just fine, it's only the outgoing.

Could someone using an obihai110 or obihai100 on vestalink, send me their settings file to compare. Thanks.


Usually if I get that message I just try the call again and it goes through.  There is also a support note on the Vestalink site with a suggestion for a fix: