3.0.1 (4303)

Started by N7AS, March 01, 2014, 11:04:49 AM

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In another thread, it was reported that the OBi202 no longer was able to receive calls after being updated with 3.0.1 (4303). Has anyone else actually tried this update with success?
Grant N7AS
Prescott Valley, AZ

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Cannot receive call either after update! :'( :'(


I couldn't receive calls after the update either.  I didn't realize that was the problem at first though.  Re-provisioning seems to have fixed the problem.


I did a complete factory reset and re registering of providers with no success.
No reply from Obihai either.


The latest firmware has a new option (X_EnforceRequestUserID ) to help fight against a problem commonly known as "ghost calls", where a machine/hacker may be scanning for SIP devices. This new option will enforce that the SIP INVITE received by the OBi device must have a request userid that matches the SIP account ID as configured on the device. Older firmware does not enforce this behavior. Most service providers should be compliant to this behavior, so that it will be a lot harder for a hacker to scan for SIP devices.  But for those who are not, the X_EnforceRequestUserID parameter should remain unchecked (disabled).

To continue to use the old behavior, follow these simple steps:
1.   Open your OBi device web page (from web browser, enter IP address of the device. You can dial ***1 to listen to the IP address of your OBi)
2.   Navigate to the SPx Service Page (x=1,2,3,4), and uncheck this option: X_EnforceRequestUserID
3.   Press the Submit button on the page, and reboot the device by selecting the reboot button.

Thank you – Obihai Support


Dear Customers,

We apologize for the recent problems with respect to the latest f/w release.
We would like to provide an update and a solution.

There are multiple problems. One is related to the new option X_EnforceRequestUserID which turns out to be benign in most cases. The other one is due to the OBiTALK setup wizard that has generated an old X_InboundCallRoute that is incompatible with the new f/w behavior. We have just fixed the OBiTALK setup wizard.

If your device is still under OBiTALK management, you can simply power-cycle your device once so that our setup wizard can re-generate the proper X_InboundCallRoute to install on your device momentarily.

If you need further assistance, please email us at support@obihai.com.

We appreciate your support of the OBi products.

Obihai Support
OBIHAI Support Staff