[SOLVED] One way audio when caller uses Gtalk from a diff country

Started by earthtoobi, April 23, 2011, 09:19:45 AM

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i have a Obi Device setup with a google account(google user 1). now, i have added another user a friend(google user 2 in a  different country and timezone) to the google user 1 so that google user 2 can call my Obi device(gmail user 1) from their computer.when they call me, i am able to hear them just fine, but they cannot hear me at all. initially i thought the one way audio is related to NAT/Firewall issue. i changed 3 routers and the outcome is the same. i realized the router was not the issue since the google user 2 can call my computer (also logged into gtalk as a different user) and  we are able to converse just fine.

so i believe it is more related to ObiDevice than anything else.

Attached is the call statistics. i see the peer clock differential rate in the high negatives.


1) Are you able to make any US/CAN phone calls using your GV number 1 (google user 1)?

2) Have you tried out the OBi Echo Test? by keying **9 222 222 222.

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Note that google user 1 calls to US number works just fine and there is nothing wrong with the obi device as i am using it as outgoing using googlevoice/callcentric.as i had noted before computer to computer calls work just fine. its only  computer(gtalk) to Obi (google user)  is the problem.