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OBI100 LocalPhone on SP2 error "Register Failed: No Response From Server"

Started by Tobi, March 02, 2014, 12:08:17 AM

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Entered the SIP and Password for my new LocalPhone account, submitted the entries and still see the error "Register Failed: No Response From Server " instead of "connected" as I see in the GoogleVoice setup in SP1.

Tried to submit a report to OBI Support, but the system says the email address I enter is incorrect.


Same error with my OBI200 after recent update. localphone also did some maintenance work, so not sure if this is issue OBI upgrade issue.


I reset my OBI200 this morning, and it still failed to register with localphone, but at the end of the day it now registers.


A SIP provider shows always "registered", not connected, that's just for Google Voice.
Localphone needs some time to register, but normally not the whole day. Sometimes it shows registered on the configuration site but not on the dashboard or vice verse for a while.