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Started by mmr2048, March 05, 2014, 07:15:13 PM

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I setup Callcentric on SP2 on my OBI110. (SP1 is Google Voice). The setup was successful ( I think ) -- the dashboard says 'Registered'. I used the OBITalk OBINet for configuration and selected the known providers option and selected Callcentric from list to do the setup.

I can receive calls, but cannot make any calls. I did try dialing entering number as 1XXXxxxXXXX.

I know that the callcentric account does have outbound calling fine -- I can use softphones on Android and iphone with same account and dial same numbers fine.

Any idea what I can try /check ? Or is Callcentric known to have problems with OBI 110 ?


Is Callcentric set as the Primary Line for Outgoing Calls? If not, then you have to force the call out on SP2 by dialling **2, then the number.
Help me OBiHai PhoneOBi. You're my only hope.


Tried both...
**2 1 734xxxyyyy
and also by setting SP2 as Primary


I have no more ideas. Contact Callcentric Support.
Help me OBiHai PhoneOBi. You're my only hope.


Try making a call an tell us what the error is showing or what error you are hearing.  There should be a number like 404 just like a web browser gives.  You can often hear it when a call fails.
Well you are making the call log in to your Obi directly using its IP address.

Go to
>>>>>>Call status

There may be useful information there to diagnose the problem.

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