Started by dvijen, January 29, 2011, 01:04:40 PM

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I would like to share this strange experience with Obi110 yesterday.

After reading all the exiting features on the web, I decided to buy Obi to replace my PAP2T.  I am a long time BYOD user with voip, and have learnt quite a few things about voip.

The adapter came in yesterday, so I hooked it up with my network, registerd it on Obihai website, it took the web config and got connected, so far so good.

Then I started going into details of Obi screens to fine tune to my requirements.  One of the setting I wanted to change was Attendant answer time, from 4000 ms to 15000 ms.  I did that, applied the setting and rebooted Obi.

That's when fun started.  I lost connectivity to obi on my network.  After  few minutes, I decided to look up Obi unit to find that the power light was red.  Tried to get connected through IVR, nothing.

I looked up power light explanation in the admin guide and found that RED means unit is not working.

OK, I thought, power cycle should fix it.  So I power cycled Obi 4-5 times, still same RED power light.

The I thought, may be the setting corrupted something, and reset should fix it.  So I did the hard reset by inserting U clip in the hole in the bottom of the unit, nothing.  Still RED power light.

I got worried at this point, thought I may have to send it back for replacement.

Then as a last resort, thought of pushing the reset while powering on the unit.  and VOILA, green power light.
Strange though, unit did not actually reset.  All my previous settings were still there, including my tweaks.

I have done numerous changes/reboots since then, no issues so far. So if anyone out there gets into this red light scenario, try out reset while powering on, it may fix your problem.

Developers, please look into this issue.  Thanks




I have been rebooting my unit many times experimenting with different settings. At one time I thought I had bricked the unit. Red light seemed permanent. I did everything you said you did. I somehow revived it by doing a web portable wizard setup for a SIP account. Obi was obviously still connected on my router. After doing the web wizard the unit had green light. Like you all my setting were still there. Good to know.
Owner of the 1st OBi110/100 units in service in Canada & South America. 1st OBi202 on my street. 1st OBi1032 in Montreal.


Lucky you  you at least had web connectivity, I lost it also during this time.  Obviously a bug of some sort that needs fixing.