Could you please add a new option for SIP message URI?

Started by ahill, April 24, 2011, 05:27:02 PM

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I would like to use the SP2 as my Altigen VoIP client, the Altigen does support SIP protocol. But the only tiny issue is about SIP message header. As I know, the expert configuration could change the "URI" of SIP message header, but it affects both of TO and FROM message header, I do appreciate if you guys could open a new option for separately setting of SIP FROM and SIP TO.
For example, my extension is x101, and the Altigen needs to send message to NewReg@<Altigen Server IP address> for extension registration. the SIP message most likes:
FROM: <sip:101@a.b.c.d>, tag=xxxx_xxxxx
TO: <sip:NewReg@a.b.c.d>

Thanks for your great products and great ideas!