Additional Voice Service (SP) Accounts

Started by GizmoChicken, April 25, 2011, 01:23:26 AM

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I would appreciate the ability to have more than two (2) voice service (SP) accounts (not just outgoing gateways) on a single OBi device.  Yes, I know that I could simply buy additional OBi devices.  But I'd prefer not to have multiple boxes/phones cluttering up my desk.

At least in my case, I'd be willing to pay a small fee for "premium" firmware, so long as that premium firmware allowed for additional (preferably unlimited) SP accounts, including Google Voice accounts.  Of course, allowing for additional SP accounts (preferably unlimited SP accounts, but at least 4 or 5) in the basic firmware (without charge) would be nice too!  ;D

Oh, and in a somewhat related matter, allowing outgoing gateways to work with Google Voice would be great.  Or is this already possible?


GizmoChicken, I have been thinking about the same capability, and I was going to open a new thread to discuss this feature request, then I see you post.

As far as I understand, SP config is just a few dozen bytes of RAM/NVRAM to store username/password/URI etc, if we can store the proxy server info with the username/password/uri, then we may not even need as many ITSP profiles, i.e say give us 6 SP config and share 3 ITSP profile, or 12 SP sharing 6 ITSP profile etc.

Can this be done? or are there some other technical reason limiting # of SP config in the device?


Ok, just started reading some older Feature Requests, this topic has been discussed before: