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Can't log in using email and password but can if I use Google sign in

Started by Davidoc, January 10, 2014, 05:34:37 PM

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I am very new but I got the OBi202 working but cannot sign in with my Google email address and password unless I use the auto log in with google account.  This issue becomes important when I try to log in to OBiapp with my gmail address and password.  It says my password is no good.  I tried to reset my password within Obitalk but it will not allow me to log in unless I use the google account button.  And I still cannot get into OBiapp for PC because it does not give me the one button option to log in with my google account I have to key the gmail address and password in.  Please help.  I am trying to set up X lite but cant get into OBiapp.


I contacted Obi support today and got an answer. On the login page, click forgot password to get a new password sent to you by email. This will not affect your ability to log in with your Google ID. If you want to change this password, log in to your account with your Google ID, then click "Edit Profile," type in the generated password then a new password twice. Now you can use the softphone apps.